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Two Great Apps That Can Help Teach Kids To Read and Write 2020

    Reading is an essential skill that is mandatory for everyone on planet earth. In our society today, you cannot run away from reading and writing skills. These are just the fundamentals of living a decent and successful life.

    Two Great Apps That Can Help Teach Kids To Read and Write 2020

    Every body started reading and writing from when they were kids or children, One good thing in this high tech erra is very clear and more better than in the 80s to 90s. So parent let your children learn through electronics today, I CALL IT E-LEARNING.

    WHat do i mean by E-LEARNING?

    E-learning refers to a learning system that we can obtain through the internet using an electronic devices. it's also called online learning or online education.

    E-learning is training provided via a computer or other digital device, allowing technology to facilitate learning anytime, anywhere.

    e-Learning is imparting and facilitating knowledge on media, electronic devices like that on the Internet, CD-ROMs, and DVDs, streaming media etc.

    DO you get the meaning now? let me stop there.

    So Parents, by letting your kids to have access to online education, it you are actually preparing them for a successful future. And as a parent, it’s a joy to see your child reading fluently, as this also makes your life easier.

    In a bid to make parents’ lives easier, carried out a small research on some of the New trending best apps that can be used for teaching kids how to read and write.

    This post is to share the findings with parents from across the world.

    These 2 apps should do you(parents) a whole lot of good and equip your child with basic reading and writing skills.

    These apps will be a great collaboration tool to help parents teach their children valuable lessons in reading and writing while schools are closed. Remember we are locked down because of so called corona virus.

    Am sure before the end of this precious articles, app for kids to learn how to read and write you will benefit a lot. sit tight.

    Two Best Apps That Will Help Your Kids To Learn How To Read and Write 2020

    Duolingo ABC App - duolingo review

    If you are in need of a mobile app that can help your kids learn how to read and write in a simple, you can go ahead and download duolingo abc app, it's a free English literacy app for children ages 3 to 6.
    Duolingo ABC App-  To Learn How To Read and Write
    With many students currently at home due to school closures, families around the globe are looking for ways to help children grow their reading skills. To support families, DuoLingo has lunched a app called DuoLingo ABC APP

    The ad-free app which is currently available in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, includes more than 300 short lessons that teach basic reading and writing skills.

    For now, the app is only available in English and on iOS.

    Features OF DuoLingo ABC APP

    1. Duolingo highlights it was designed by literacy and early-education experts to develop children’s skills in phonics, sight words, reading comprehension, and more with no ads, no in-app purchases, and even includes offline learning.
    2. The Duolingo ABC education app will start by teaching kids to recognize letters, then words, and then sentences before moving on to paragraphs. Activities like letter tracing and interactive stories are fun for even the youngest learners. And it’s a blast learning with Duolingo ABC’s cast of characters.
    3. Duolingo ABC is designed by literacy and early-education experts to develop children’s skills in phonics, sight words, reading comprehension, and more.
    4. There are no ads or in-app purchases to worry about.
    5. Duolingo ABC works offline so kids can learn wherever you go.

    How To Download Duolingo ABC App 2020

    You can download duolingo abc app from app store.

    Google Read Along App
    Bolo: Learn to read with Google is a newly lunched mobile application by google to help many Kids currently at home due to school closures. It simply helps kids learn to read by giving verbal and visual feedback as they read stories out loud.
    Read Along uses Google's speech recognition technology to help develop literacy skills, and first launched in India (where it is available as “Bolo”). After receiving encouraging feedback from parents, we’re excited to share this app with more young learners around the globe.

    How Read Along works - Features

    • Google read along comes with a fun and helpful reading tutor, “Diya”, which is powered by the same speech technology that is in the Google Assistant.
    • Enjoy as they learn: Children can also play interesting word games and earn in-app awards, helping reading become both fun and a daily habit.
    • Personalised for each child: Parents can create profiles for multiple readers, who tap on their photo to learn at their own pace and to track their individual progress. Read Along will personalize the experience by recommending the right difficulty level of stories and games based on their reading level performance.
    • Read without distractions (and without data too): The app works even when completely offline, and shows no ads, so your children can just focus on reading.

    Download Read Along App By Google ( Bolo App)

    You can download Read Along mobile app for free on Android devices from the play store.

    What do you think about this apps, Read Along App By Google ( Bolo App) and Duolingo ABC App ?
    Does Them have any positive impact on the kids around you?
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