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Fast2Earn Review 2020: Scam or Legit?

    On this article, we’ll be discussing about Fast2earn review and everything you need to know about this investment website . We’ll be discussing here about this investment site if its scam free and free to invest. 

    In this Fast2earn Review 2020 post I will share exactly how you can make money daily and monthly by just buying shares on the fast2earn website.

    Even if you are new and never heard of it before, I would make sure you understand every bit of it.

    So I would be showing you exactly how fast2earn works and how you can make money by investing in shares.

    What Is Fast2earn all about?

    Fast2Earn investment is an internet Online shares job where you can earn money by buying and selling of shares.
    With this website you can Make fast earn with in a week and that is guaranteed earnings for everyone who will join the site and will be hired.

    This website is legitimate! The website have a strong anti cheat system which can be found in Member’s Guide.

    If you are in school & college, dad or moms, unemployed or self-employed and looking for an income opportunity, you can probably try to join just to see if it’s legit.

    Fast2earn has helped people raise money online in which I have seen for over a month.
    It’s an investment platform with small start up capital, and has been paying members more than 8yrs ago
    You only invest by buying shares and you earn dividend daily profit on the shares you buy.
    The best part of it is that the shares don’t expire or lapse, you earn on it for life unless you decide to sell your shares and get money.


    • ✅Buying Shares:

    Different shares offers different dividend so it's advisable to always go for shares that offers high dividend.
    The more shares you own the higher your profit on a daily basis.

    For instance, let's say a shares offers $0.6 per day. You bought 20 of the shares.
    $0.06*20=$1.2 per day
    In a month $1.2 *30= $36(#12960.00).

    • ✅Selling Shares:

    There are shares tagged A+ shares and others. These types of shares have a good growth rate. They price worth increases in a short span. Their growth is always on the increase.
    Let's say you bought a share at a price of $3 and it increases within two weeks to $12. You decide to sell off the shares. You will make a profit of $9 on the shares.
    The larger you own the more your profit have.

    • ✅Referral Commission:

    You can earn big by referring people to purchase shares. You get  huge 50% commission per referral purchase.

    For example you refer someone and the person bought a share worth $100, you as the referrer earn a commission of $50.
    Note: Referral is highly optional. Not compulsory at all.

    As soon as you have minimum withdrawal amount on your balance you can make payout to your Paypal,  Perfect Money,  Bitcoin or Litecoin account. Click on the Cash-Out from the top menu, enter amount to withdraw, and click on the Withdraw button. Usually the withdrawal takes 2 – 3 business days.

    Referrals Contest

    this is one of the ways of making profits in the platform
    The contest is based on sales from your referrals. The person with the most total referral's revenue will get the Grand Prize. The more revenue your referrals produce the bigger chance for you to be on top.
    They count active referrals only. Who is the active referral? a referral who has made total purchases, at least, for $3.00.
    • The winner of of this contest, who brings most number of referrals, receives prize:
    • Second place prize:
    • Third place prize:

    How to buy the best shares with high ROI (Return on Investment)

    Fast2Earn Review 2020: Scam or Legit? - freedygist

    • Login into your account and scroll all the way down to look for All Project and click on it.
    • A new page will open.
    • Under Sort by; click on ROI, this will show you the top performing shares to buy from.
    • When you see them, you’ll see something like monthly dividend instead of daily dividend, don’t worry… all you need to do is click on More Info or the Particular Shares Name and you’ll be taken to another page where you will see the daily dividends.
    • Make sure there is daily dividends for that particular share before you invest in it.
    • For example, after doing the above, I saw this particular share below and decided to invest in it.

    Withdrawal Levels in

    There are more than 6 withdrawal levels for you;

    1. 1st one; if you have 69–99 points, you can only withdraw once in 30 days, cash-out fee 6%, Maximum cash-out per month: $22.00
    2. 2nd one; if you accumulate 100–199 points you can only withdraw once in 5 days, cash-out fee 5%, Maximum cash-out per month: $168
    3. 3rdnd one; if you have 200–299 points you can only withdraw once in 3 days, cash-out fee 4%, Maximum cash-out per month: $900
    4. 4th one; if you have 300–399 points you can only withdraw once in 2 days, cash-out fee 3%, Maximum cash-out per month: $3000
    5. 5th one; if you have 400 points can only withdraw once in 1 day, cash-out fee 2%, Maximum cash-out per month: Unlimited
    6. 6th option is 400 points and more is unlimited withdrawals any time of the day you wish to as long as you have enough funds in your account. Maximum cash-out per month: Unlimited, but frequent times the same day.

    Quick Steps on How To Register On Fast2earn

    • Click here to register, it’ll land you on the homepage (welcome page). Click on Sign Up.
    • Enter your email
    • Fill in your password, at least 6 characters.
    • Retype your password to confirm
    • Enter your first and last names
    • Enter your country
    • Enter the verification code
    • Click Sign Up
    • That’s it, you’re done.

    How To Buy Shares on Fast2Earn

    follow the steps below to get started.
    • Login to your account and go to Projects. Then click on All Projects.
    • Click on Buy Shares (Remember, if it’s not $3 don’t buy!)
    • Select the quantity of the shares you wish to buy, using the – and + signs. Remember, the more shares you purchase, the more profits and commissions you will make daily!
    • Note, you can also search for any project by the name, using the search tap.

    Facts Before Buying Shares On Fast2earn Investment

    • It must be $3 only (don’t buy even if it’s $3.01)
    • It must be daily dividends. There are weekly and monthly dividends too, but I prefer daily so that you will earn every day and quickly. Click on any project name, then you will see its full detail, whether its daily, weekly or monthly dividends.
    • Buy with bitcoin, please. If you can purchase via any other payment system, go ahead. But bitcoin is highly recommended and faster in the transaction.
    • These are great companies with awesome profits of your shares commissions. Note, don’t buy any share above $3, please!

    How to boost your points and cashout quickly?

    To accumulate more points is very easy, all you need to do is keep your account active and buy more shares and you can accumulate this points easily to get your withdrawal processed easily.

    When Do You Withdraw Your Profit

    You can withdraw your profit when you have a minimum of $8 (2,880 naira) in your balance.

    Is Scam or Legit?

    As at the time this article is written, this program is 💯 Legit, 100% legit. I have been paid and met many who has been paid. Requires investment patience and hardwork too.

    Also, Fast2Earn is not just 100% legit, but awesome! If you are looking for a durable platform to invest in shares, fast2earn is the real deal! They pay 50% referral bonus, which is the highest referral commission I have ever seen. But, don't expect an over night increased income. That is to say, the more shares you purchase, the more money you make.

     you can Whatsapp me by clicking HERE where you can ask me all your questions and be guided properly.
    I hope this fast2earn review 2020 helps you get started and make money online.

    Click HERE to sign up with Fast2earn and invest.

    The investment program pays if you work for your money and currently, we have no complaints or  report from anyone.

    Again this is a great way to invest money online and get dividend/profits every day.

    Fast2earn Payment Proof 2020

    You can see all of the most recent withdrawals on the website as seen below:
    Fast2Earn Review 2020: Scam or Legit? freedygist

    If you have any questions don’t forget to drop in the comment section of this post.
    I’d reply you in due time.

    Video dropping soon.

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